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Experience Japanese Culture Firsthand : Lion dance (shishimai)

December’s theme of the Experience Japanese Culture Firsthand was the Lion dance, 獅子舞(shishimai).

*The word of Shishi(獅子) means lion and “mai(舞) means dance.

You may have seen the similar lion dance in China, Korea or Southeast Asian countries. It is said that the lion dance originates from the religious belief in lions in the ancient Egypt and Persia. The belief was spread through the Silk Road via India, China and Korea. The lion dance came from China to Japan with the Buddhism in the 7th century.

This is the short and general introduction of the lion dance.

In Japan there are various kind of lion dances and they are performed in occasions of congratulations such as the New Year, annual festivals in regional communities or opening events of shops and companies.

They perform with praying for good health and safety.

You will be happy when you are bitten by teeth of the lion.

This is the last column of 2021.

We wish you all the best for the New Year 2022!

The first workshop in 2022 will be held on January 23, Sunday. The theme is Japanese tea ceremony and making Japanese sweets.  Detailed information will be announced in the beginning of January!  Please join and enjoy!

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