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Enkouan and Kyogen-Emaki

Do you have the habit of writing down observations or keeping a diary while travelling?

It is interesting to acknowledge that also during the Edo Period there was the habit of writing down thoughts during journeys, this is the case of Mr. Kodera Gyokucho, and Mr. Enkoan who left us valuable documents that can be compared to the memories of one’s trip.

Kodera Gyokucho was born in Nagoya in 1800.

As he was very curious, he started interacting with people of culture enjoying exhibitions and plays, as well. 

Gyokucho’s writings are in total 150. For example, his magazine “Misemono-Zasshi” recalls the nowadays circus, in fact very rare animals and people are represented performing acrobatics.

Enkoan is the name of the person who wrote 30 books about ordinary people’s lives.

His nickname was Enkoan but his real name was Kouriki Tanenobu and he was a middle class feudal retainer.

Enkoan’s themes/topics are: Festivals, Exhibitions, Shrines and Temples, Entertainment, etc.

You can buy “Enkoan’s collection” at Nagoya City Museum.

I was very surprised when I turned over the page of Enkoan, the image size is big and the colours are so vibrant/bright that they are like those of manga!

When we started organizing “Japan Folk Festival 2022: A journey through the Edo Period in Nagoya”, we took a very useful hint from these valuable materials concerning the Edo Period. This AMAZING FUSION among “Kyogen-emaki”, “Enkouan” and real Japanese traditional performing arts can be enjoyed in our event ONLY!

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